Torbay 11+ Examinations

11 +  Format Summary

The format will be new in September 2018

Saturday 15th September:

CEM Papers 1 & 2; marks are combined.

  • 50 minutes each
  • Approximately 85 questions but each paper varies
  • Mixed format
  • Separate timed sections
  • Audio soundtrack for instructions and timing
For further information: - (Boys’ Grammar) - (Girls’ Grammar) - (Churston) (Colyton Grammar)



In order to qualify for a place at a Torbay Grammar School a pupil must be successful in the chosen school’s 11+ examination. The tests take place on a Saturday in September. Children usually sit these at the school to which they intend to apply.

Saturday 15th SEPTEMBER  2018: TWO CEM tests; 

The CEM test was new to Torbay in 2015 but it has been used in London and the Home Counties for around 5 years now. We have tutored it for the past 5 years in North West London so we know what to expect. 

The CEM is the supposedly 'untutorable' test set by the University of Durham Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring. It includes aspects of Verbal Reasoning focussing mainly on vocabulary and meaning, Non VR (shapes and nets) and Mathematical Reasoning which usually takes the form of short but challenging questions.

Secure English and Maths is the key. Reading a huge variety of books for enjoyment is likely to put a pupil ahead. Excellent Mathematical skills and knowledge are also essential.

Each exam has a different selection of questions that are extremely hard to predict hence the claim that it is 'untutorable.' As no past papers are released, however, sections are said to be repeated in different areas. We have built a vocabulary bank from the South East CEM exams over the last few years.

Pass Mark: there is no set pass mark for the 11+. 

Pupils are ranked and the top ones are offered places.

The competitive nature of the exam means that the greater the number taking the exam, the higher the ‘Pass’ mark will probably be. 


Timetable for the Year:


Visit your prospective schools on their Open Days or Evenings.


  • Tuesday 26th June Open Day and Evening
  • Thursday 6th September Open Evening
  • "Every day is Open Day." Call to arrange a tour 01803 613215

TBGS: Thursday 5th July: 9.30am or 4.30pm.

Churston: Thursday 28th June Open Day & Evening:


Apply directly to the school at which you wish to sit the 11+. Do this as early as possible.

TGGS deadline is 7th Sept 2018

TBGS deadline is 7th September 2018 (Prefered by 20th July if possible)

Churston deadline is 7th September 2018

You will receive a letter in the post informing you of the exam arrangements and timings.



Deadline for form return is early September 2018


September 2018  11+ Exams held over one Saturday: Probably 15th September


18th October 2018

You will receive a letter informing you of the outcome should you apply. This is in the format of a YES or NO next to each selective school in Torbay.

You must then apply for secondary schools using the CAF (Common Application Form) of your local authority. This is best done online although can be done on paper. You have 3 choices and can put more than one selective school. If you received a YES for your top choice you are likely to be successful. - (Torbay Coucil) - (Devon County Council)

The CAF deadline is October 31st

1st March 2019

National Allocation day. You will receive an email telling you of your child’s allocated school.

You can only appeal after March 1st.


TBGS takes 156 boys each year

TGGS takes 150 girls each year

CFGS takes 150 mixed each year

Colyton takes 155 mixed each year