Year 5

Our 2018 11+ pass rate was 92%!

11 + Lessons

We teach in small groups of 5. This enables the children to

  • interact
  • share ideas and
  • formulate individual approaches to work

It also allows for some healthy competition!

We teach the skills and techniques needed, but, over the months, we encourage each child to develop his or her own approach. This will help with lifelong learning well after the 11+ is a distant memory.

We find that this increases pupils’ confidence and motivation and they really enjoy seeing themselves make progress every week.

Keeping the size of the group small, also allows for individual attention when needed, helping less confident children as well as those who may be gifted and talented. 

We aim for each child to reach his or her full potential over the year.

'Some magical tutoring happens in setting of three or four pupils - and it can save you a bundle in feesIt won't suit everyone, but it can work well for grammar school exams and other school entrance tests.'                               

Good Schools Guide 

11+ Prep Course for Year 5  pupils

Pass rate 2018: 92%!

For all details please complete a registration form and tick 'Year 5 Tutoring'. 

Each session is one FULL hour

Resources: we provide all books and work sheets plus juice and biscuits

Groups: 5 pupils per group

Lessons are fast-paced and interesting


Ali, Wellswood: Mondays 4.00pm START DATE: 29th April

Angela (Torquay TQ1 2AL)
Tuesday 5.00pm 

Jacqui (Totnes TQ9 5BX)
Tuesday 5.00pm  (2 spaces)

Kirsten (Totnes TQ9 5QF)
Monday 3.45pm (1 space)

Paula (Clapham, Exeter)
Wedensday 5.30pm (1 space)

Suzanna (Ogwell TQ12 6YE)
Thursday 4.15pm (1 space)

Susie (Tuckenhay TQ9 7EQ)
Monday 4.00pm (1 space left)

Vikkie (Marldon TQ3 1NU)
Wednesday 4.30pm (1 space)


11+ Preparation. This is our unique and extremely successful course that will enable your child to gain the academic level and confidence required to achieve their full potential in the 11+.

Tutoring starts in September of Year 5 and is one hour per week in term times only. Teaching is in small groups (5 pupils). Each lesson is one FULL hour of at least 60 minutes. 

Course Content:

1   CEM Topics    Vocabulary based Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension
        Non Verbal Reasoning
        Numerical Reasoning

2   English   Sentence and paragraph structure
        Spelling, punctuation and grammar
        Comprehension skills

3   Maths   General numeracy, all 11 Plus and KS2 topics, problem solving


Throughout the year we assess and report back to you. It is very important that we identify strengths and weaknesses in order to target learning to where your child may need more input. We are always available either after each session or on the phone to discuss progress.

We do not do an ‘Initial Assessment’ because this can often give misleading results. We are more interested in how your child responds to our tutoring and learns over the first few weeks. We can then advise on likely 11 Plus success. We are very honest.


We set weekly homework so that the children can consolidate the skills and knowledge gained from each lesson. It also gives them the chance to work independently and to cover more content. Homework is important  but shouldn’t become burdensome.


We offer a very competitive service. Please contact us for current prices. Our fees include textbooks, work books and all other resources and equipment needed in each term. We also provide the essential juice and biscuits to keep that brain working for the hour!