Year 4

11+ Lessons

Our 11+ group lessons are dynamic, fun and absolutely packed full of new skills and knowledge each week. We teach, interact and discuss for the whole hour to make sure the pupils are fully engaged.

We teach in small groups which enables the children to

  • interact
  • share ideas and
  • formulate individual approaches to work

It also allows for some healthy competition!

We teach the skills and techniques needed, but, over the months, we encourage each child to develop his or her own approach. This will help with lifelong learning well after the 11 Plus is a distant memory.

We find that this increases pupils’ confidence and motivation and they really enjoy seeing themselves make progress every week.

Keeping the size of the group small, also allows for individual attention when needed, helping less confident children as well as those who may be gifted and talented. 

We aim for each child to reach his or her full potential over the year.

'Some magical tutoring happens in setting of three or four pupils - and it can save you a bundle in fees. It won't suit everyone, but it can work well for grammar school exams and other school entrance tests.'                               

Good Schools Guide 

11 Plus Head Start Course – Year 4

This is a unique course to reflect the new format of the 11+ announced in February 2017.

The new CEM exams in Devon require pupils to know year 6 skills and topics by the end of year 5. If your child is very bright and at a high performing primary they will pick up everything they need in our year 5 11+ Prep Course. If you believe they woud benefit from some extra professional input then this is the course for them.

The Head Start Course runs from February of Year 4. It is one hour per week in term times only. Teaching is in small groups (no more than 5 pupils). 

Course duration: 18 weeks (6 weeks each per 3 half terms)

Dates: February 2019 - July 2019 (Optional summer classes)

This dynamic course prepares Year 4 pupils in all aspects of the Torbay 11+ exams. Pupils will be taught the major topics and skills required in

  • Maths
  • English
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • NEWLY ADDED: Philosphy and Thinking Skills

prior to starting their 11+ Preparation Course in Year 5.

'Just wanted to say how pleased we are with how [my son] is doing with Angela.  His brother always enjoyed the work he did with you but we weren't sure [this son] would be as keen. He loves it and is absolutely bouncing when he comes out of a lesson.  He is just as enthusiastic with his homework.  He says he is getting better marks at school and I think it is great that at his age he can recognise the benefits.

I'm not sure how you and the tutors manage to make work so enjoyable for them but we really appreciate it.' April 2016

Spaces to start in February 2019 will be listed in November 2018.